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Really Wonderful People <3 ~

Free: Chibiterasu Icon by PrinceSoujiFree Kaomoji Four! by KawaiiPostsму ℓσνєℓιєѕ FREE Snuggly Icon : Vulpix by SarilainBunny Emoji-56 (Nomnomnom) [V3] by Jerikuto

:icon76neko: :iconorbitalswan: :iconmorieux: :icon0toto: :iconexpiredpan: :iconyunipar: :iconaki-yuu:

:iconkittydividerplz::iconkittydivider2plz::iconkittydivider3plz::iconkittydivider4plz::iconkittydividerblackplz: Commission: Snuggly Icon for Meli-chan3 by Sarilain rub cheekies by RubCheeksPlz

Special thanks to :iconaikoudesu: for the layout help ~

Completed Fleece Hats & Scarfs

FREE Snuggly Icon / Avatar : Pikachu by Sarilain¢σмρℓєтє∂ ƒℓєє¢є нαтѕ & ѕ¢αяƒѕFREE Chubbicon : Pikachu by Sarilain

Feel free to suggest anything you want done/seen ~


Pokemon Skitty Hat… $65
Blazblue Taokaka Hat (different expressions/mouths available just ask)… $20
Pokemon Dawn Hat… $15
Cupcake Hat… $15
Devil with Heart Hat… $20
Heartbroken Hat… $20


Miyazaki Scarfs… $15
Legend of Zelda Navi Scarf… $20
KH Nobody Scarf… $15


KuchikixRukia has started a donation pool!
566 / 18,000
I want to use these points on commissions and for contests/raffles ~

I'm also hoping for a Premium Membership but that's long down the line.. maybe someday ~

Any amount of points donated will be greatly appreciated! <3 ~

Also, please include a message when donating. Otherwise i'd take your points as a gift.

1 :points: by Kawiku = 1 Day Feature on my page
5 :points: by Kawiku = 3 Day Feature on my page
10 :points: by Kawiku = 5 Day Feature on my page
20 :points: by Kawiku = 1 Week Feature on my page
30 :points: by Kawiku = 2 Week Feature on my page
40 :points: by Kawiku = 3 Week Feature on my page
50 :points: by Kawiku = 1 Month Feature on my page

I love points stamp by SteffieSilva I love llamas stamp by SteffieSilva Llama-and-Points Contest Entry by points4stuff Donate Points by Circe-Baka POINTS PLZ Stamp by SinMisericordia21 Llamas for Points Stamp by LooneyTunerIan Points Please Stamp by izka197 PLEASE! Donate points, Animation by imonedesign Donate Button by DoctorKei dA Love by wolf-hat :iconwhutplz:

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Thank you by haseprabio

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Completed Hoodies

¢σмρℓєтє∂ нσσ∂ιєѕ


Pokemon Divider by Chocolakii

Munchlax -->… $60
Drifloon -->… $60
Charmander -->… not doing anymore
Teddiursa -->… $70
Diglett -->… not doing anymore
Wobbuffet -- >… $55
Koffing -- >… $60
Minnie Mouse -- >… $50
Wartortle -->… not doing anymore
Pikachu -->… $70
Lopunny -->… not doing anymore
Umbreon -->… not doing anymore
Houndour -->… not doing anymore
Snorlax -->… $70
Terriermon -->… $80
Gengar -->… $50
Custom Zangoose -->… not doing anymore
Mew -->… $75
Lopmon -->… $85
Haunter -->… $80
Girafarig -->… $85
Gloomy Bear -->… $70
Houndoom -->… $65
Wigglytuff -->… $70
Aipom -->… $75
Donkey Kong (DK) -->… $85
Custom Crocodile -->… $75

Pokemon Divider by Chocolakii

Please leave a comment or send me a note if you are interested. Any requests on the pokemon hoodies will be taken into consideration and we'll reply to you letting you know whether or not your request is cost efficient and possible.


Pokeball Divider by MaeNemesisPokeball Divider by MaeNemesisPokeball Divider by MaeNemesis

Order Form:

1. Pokemon or Character Name
2. Size Hoodie/ For Male or Female
3. Zip up or Pull over
4. Name & Shipping Address
5. How are you paying? [Personal check, concealed cash, & points are accepted. Sorry no paypal]
6. When do you need it by?

Pokemon Divider by Chocolakii

Completed Fleece Hats, Scarves, & Plushies

¢σмρℓєтє∂ ƒℓєє¢є нαтѕ, ѕ¢αяνєѕ, & ρℓυѕнιєѕ


Heartbroken…… $15
Devil w/ Heart… $20
Cupcake… $15
Blazblue Taokaka Hat (available in different mouths/expressions)… $20
Pokemon Dawn Hat… $15
Pokemon Skitty… $45
Pokemon Cleffa… $25
Cow Hat/Scarf… $25
Sharky… $15
Pokemon Bidoof… $25


KH Nobody Scarf… $15
Legend of Zelda Navi Scarf… $20
Miyazaki Scarfs… $15
KH Crown & Mickey Scarf… $20
Cherry Blossoms Scarf… $10
Akatsuki Scarf… $15
KH Roxas Scarf… $15
KH Blue Heart Scarf… $15


Clannad Dango Plushie (available in different sizes and colors, just ask)…… $25

Presents & Requests

My Hands by mell0w-m1ndedCute Couple by Ca-PeCom CrimsonSae by Czar-Michelle

^ By :iconmerlewae:

^ By :iconorbitalswan:

^ By :iconaki-yuu:

Planned Cosplay:

Cosplay Plans

StarOcean Till The End of Time: Nel Zelpher (planned since forever)
FFX: Rikku (someday)
.hack//Link: Evil Yowkow (someday)
Gundam Seed: Lacus pigtails/blue dress vers. (someday)
FFXIII: Hope Estheim (someday)
Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (someday)
Valkyrie Profile 2: Sha-Kon (someday)
Valkyrie Profile 2: Phyress (someday)
Valkyrie Profile 2: Lylia (someday)
Valkyrie Profile 2: Crescent (someday)
Final Fantasy III: Refia (someday)
Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection: Asuka Kazama (someday)
Soul Calibur II: Talim (planned since forever)
StarOcean 4: Myuria Tionysus (someday)
LoZ Twilight Princess: Midna (someday)
LoZ Twilight Princess: Zelda (someday)
Eternal Sonata: Rondo (someday)
Super Mario Galaxy: Rosalina (someday)
K-On: Ritsu - all 3 ending outfits (someday)
:iconyoukaiyume:'s Sailor Lugia (someday)
Trinity Universe: Fox Spirit Tsubaki (someday)
Atelier Rorona: Cordelia (maybe someday)
Pokemon Gijinka: Kriketune (someday)
Pokemon Gijinka: Drifloon (someday)
Pokemon Gijinka: Kyogre (someday)
Pokemon Gijinka: Lapras (someday)
Pokemon Gijinka: Wooper (someday)
Pokemon Gijinka: Shaymin Land Vers. (someday)
Pokemon Gijinka: Larvitar (someday)
Pokemon Gijinka: Togetic (someday)
Chobits: Chii Pink Outfit (someday)
Chobits: Chii Pink/Black Lace Outfit w/ flowers (someday)
Chobits: Chii White Garter Outfit (someday)
Black★Rock Shooter: Dragon Slayer (someday)
Black★Rock Shooter: Underworld Balkan (someday)
:icondejinyucu:'s Pokemon Gijinka: Masquerain (someday)
Pita-Ten: Misha various outfits (someday)
Black★Rock Shooter: Black★Gold Saw (someday)
.hack//G.U.: Alkaid Wedding Dress (someday)
Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia: Misha (someday)
Ar tonelico II: Luca (someday)
Ar tonelico III: Finnel (someday)
Dirge of Cerberus: Shelke (someday)
Atelier Totori: Mervia Siebel (someday)
Spirit Tracks: Conductor Link (someday)
Luminous Arc 2: Althea (someday)
Luminous Arc 2: Rina (someday)
Okami: Ammy (someday)
Cardcaptors Clow Card: The Arrow (someday)
Cardcaptors Clow Card: The Fight (someday)
Cardcaptors Clow Card: The Nothing (someday)
Shining Wind: Elwyn (someday)
Katanagatari: Togame (someday)
FF Dissidia: Shantotto EX form (someday)
.hack//Quantum: Sakuya (someday)
:icon253421:'s Pokemon Gijinka: Dragonair (someday)
Clock Tower 3: Scissorwoman (someday)
Dynasty Warriors 4: Diao Chan (someday)
Dynasty Warriors 7: Xing Cai (someday)
Dynasty Warriors 7: Sun Shang Xiang (someday)
:iconrush--it:'s Yuffie with :iconeined: as Tifa (someday)
NANA: Osaki Nana Red Dress (someday)
FLCL: Haruko (someday)
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: Mami Tomoe (someday)
FFX: Summoner Yuna (someday)
FFX-2: Gunner Yuna (someday)
Sailor Moon: Neo Queen Serenity (someday)
:iconfelynea:'s Pokemon Gijinka Entei w/ Kevin Lunt (someday)
Ragnarok Online: Stalker (someday)
Ragnarok Online: Ranger (someday)
Ragnarok Online: Shadow Chaser (someday)
Ragnarok Online: Rune Knight (someday)
FFIV: After Years - Rydia (someday)
[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control: Q (someday)
The World God Only Knows: Hakua/Haqua (someday)
Vocaloid Anti The Holic: Rin (someday)
Fate/Extra: Caster (someday)
Dragon Nest: Gold Dimensional Rabbit (someday)
Spirited Away: Chihiro/Sen (someday)
.hack//Link: Subaru (someday)
Dragon Nest: Archer NPC Adeline (someday)
.hack//Link: Klarinette (someday)
Black★Rock Shooter: Dead★Master (someday)

My PaopuFruit Guild ~

Raffle UPDATE - Ends TOMORROW (OPEN) // Features

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 31, 2014, 8:01 PM

Cosplay | Facebook | Formspring   | Dragon Nest Guild Site



:icondahub: is giving :points: to people who watch, give llamas, and fav other people's work

You can also be featured if you donate some 

So visit 
dAhub now!
Just felt like featuring a few artists that i recently found ~ much wonderful art ~ not in any particular order Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] by Jerikuto 

Featuring artists daily *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (...I Wuv It!) by mochatchi Check out my donation page at the bottom of my profile to see how to get featured ~ Other than that, these artists are completely random and chosen by me ~

Daily Features

currently listening to ~

K-ON - Don't Say Lazy minimalism by atashinchiii [Commission] Raz by agent-lapin Comission: Miku~! by Alerei Peaceful day by teagirl-vn I was bored by PilatesPanda Adoptable _SOLD_+Ref Sheet by Miss-NoIdentity Anna and Elsa by HetteMaudit Innocent Green by KawaKeiko KDL | Kiana Bust-Shot by Lybellune Tomoya [SS] by Pan-Chu Cuddly KH Buddies by LynxGriffin On fire. by VarshaVijayan Cuties by sweetiecrepe Sunthrall Contest Entry by Mintbby Akane (art-trade) by tea-hee KAWAII BUNNY GIRL 8D by kristalia9631 Neo Queen Serenity by baetrix Mutation Fairy by AugustinasRaginskis VALERIA by vendae cloud monster by xpe [Gaia Com 1] iidiamondheart by RockuSocku xZeldax by xRuizu Mirai Kuriyama - Kyoukai no Katana by Murlovely megurine luka by Ciel-Heartfilia Morrigan y Lilith (Darkstalkers) FAN ART :D 2 by xdtopsu01 CM: crybabypippo by Pikapaws MoeMura by Sparkru-chan Inori Fan Art by HuMeiRen Angel of Destruction by Kogane-chan Jon Snow by Vishnevetsky Color Me Challenge by xShinku Hayao Miyazaki by shycatgirl Supremacy by Bellechan Another Endless Night by Erisiar Comm: Destroyed by futarinokizuna Tora Onna by fg-01 Senpai Notice Me by Riki-to Happy Chinese New Year 2014! by reenze-nk Redesign Fuwa-chi!! by Puriichi-sama AT: Ethel by nekotan3 Spyro the Dragon by DinosaurOnesy 0x22D0387EA by ptrckr Amayumerou II by MinGII Library Corridor by andreasrocha A moment just for us by ELLAdventures Link and Zelda by Ry-Spirit Art trade with Syn by inma Fairy Odd Banana by Promsie Dragon Knight by DanteWontDie Gloves by yura-tsuki Friends Forever by dathie Link by Squ-chan Black Canary dc comics by Its-Raining-Neon Sword Art Online: Gun Gale Online by Kamaniki Glacier Sketch by arcipello The Forest's Princess by The-MoonSquid Why you do this Ahniki by MisaiiChu C: Relxion by Paulinarts [Hozuki no Reitetsu] HAKUTAKU (4000yrs ago ver) by Ransai 

PaopuFruit Guild Site ヾ(o′∀`)ノ*:.。..。.:*☆

Llama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2] by Jerikuto ~


Still selling a bunch of these things ~ Willing to negotiate on prices!






11x17 Prints:

Axel - Another Life for $8…
Cloud - Something's Missing for $8…
Endrance - Lovely Cold Stare for $8…
Fai - Safety for $5…
Hikaru Hitachiin for $5…
Kairi - The Everglow for $8…
Krad - Testament for $8…
Lavi for $8…
Lavi - Lying From You for $5…
Lelouch for $8…
Matt - Death Note for $5…
One Sky, One Destiny for $5…
Raito - The End for $5…
Riku - It's Just the Beginning for $8…
Riku - The Most Important Thing for $8…
Ritsuka - Nonexistence for $5…
Roxas - I'm Here for $8…
Sephiroth for $8…
Shelke - Childhood for $8…
Tifa - Need for $10…
Yuna - Cherry Blossom Girl for $8…
Yuna - Simply Beautiful for $8…


Bleach Kuchiki Rukia Figurine for $10……
Random Plushies for best offer…
BIG Mario Party Flower Plush for $25……
Mario Figure $20…
Battery Powered Pacman's Blinky for $25……
Inuyasha Plushie for $20…
Bleach Ichigo Plushie for $15……


Pokemon Rise of Darkrai DVD for $20…
Pokemon Temple of the Sea DVD for $20…
Tekken 3 for PS1 for $15…
Canon 75-300mm Lens for $235…
Saiyuki Requiem DVD for $20…
.hack//Roots Collector's Box for $40………………
The Orphanage for $5…
Bleach Series 1 Part 1 DVD for $20…
D.N. Angel The Dawn of Dark Anime DVD (Vol. 1) for $15…


Blue Jean Boots Size 7 for $25
Green Laced Corset Size Small for $20
Blazblue Taokaka Cosplay with Plushie for $200
Blazblue Taokaka Fleece Hat (available in diff. faces/expressions just ask) for $20…
Naruto Shoes & Konoha Headband for $30…
Naruto Metal Kunai Knives for $30…
Black Heels Size 6.5 for $20…
Kingdom Hearts Nobody Logo Scarf for $20…
Spirited Away & Princess Mononoke Scarfs for $20…
FFX-2 Gun Mage Yuna for $40…………


my first stamp by Gravifreak Girl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWow Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan I Heart Starbucks Stamp by Tsubaroo A Much Needed Stamp by savagebinn Disney fan stamp by Bea-Gonzalez Boba Tea Stamp by Unrealisk Dissidia Pretty Lights Stamp by false-screenshot Kuja Stamp by GemWist Super Smash Bros Brawl Stamp by nakashimariku Yuna: Sending :: Stamp by Saphitri Cosplay stamp by HappyStamp .Photography Love. by PixieRiot Press B, Preserve Cuteness. by ImFeelingStampity Beef Stamp by Kezzi-Rose OWNED -Stamp- by RyoNeko48 Link and Midna Stamp by rosa-pegasus Okami stamp by THODRAGONFIRE Haseo stamp by bosyosy1015 Stamp Hack 02 Maroon by aDarkWingedAngel Stamp: I Love Nutella ? by Raine-Rose

I play Dragon Nest <3 Add Me ~

I Love Dragon Nest Stamp by Aii-luv

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Ammy 「(゚ペ) ♥
Artist | Student | Artisan Crafts
United States
Please call me Jo or Ammy <333
I've been Cosplaying since 2004 :3

I Love doing Cosplay Photoshoots w/ :iconblanklogo: :iconabbottw: :iconsandlvlan: & :iconbigwhitebazooka:

My stuff for sale:…
AIM: Heartbreak xCAFE
Skype: yuffiesuzume


deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small
Favourite photographers: Blanklogo, sandlvlan, abbottw, and bigwhitebazooka
Shell of choice: BLUE SHELL FROM MARIO KART. puahaha.
Favourite cartoon character: Courage the cowardly dog :]
Personal Quote: Strip away vanity, just as you consume me. Broken smile, Starless Sky, say it all, say goodbye.





~ Looking For Artists ~ ♥ (´ ▽`).♥


~ I'm still currently looking for artists who are willing to make a banner for my guild site for free and in return, i feature their banner on the site for that specific month and i'll make a post/journal about it to advertise the artist more~ So far i have gotten replies from artists for August-December so they are booked ~ January+ of next year however are still available but running out fast so please Note me about it if you're interested :3 You're welcome to make a mini banner for the introduction post on the website which falls under the main banner or make a background for the website or something x) The website is and the characters i want for the banner is here ~ !

Here are some other examples of banners featured on our website monthly:

Banner by Zombeee (not on dA)

Banner Collab by aekiii & kingsblue (not on dA)
Commission-PaopuFruit Banner by NevicityCommission for MMO guilds by OathBinder123
CrimsonSae banner by Czar-Michelle

June banner made by shippa-chan
[Request01] BannerPaopuFruit July 2014 by Dr-Erotica
July banner made by Dr-Erotica // screenie of the layout
PaopuFruit banner by fllamjrComm: PaopuFruit Banner by OrbitalSwan
Request banner by Hayuko

Thanks for reading~ <3


Feel free to draw my char and my bf's char ~ but please show me after ~ ! Robu by Emoji-kun pandas by Emoji-kun


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